Anonymous asked: luke is da bomb diggity

he’s ok

Anonymous asked: /post/44787595853 hiii you have the link for the video???

no soz

hoodclifford asked: hey since you dont use this blog much anymore i was wondering if we could work something out and i can have it? <3

yeah no

alltimelcw asked: hellooo, so i was really reluctant to send you this, but i was wondering if i could have your url because he seems like you don't use this blog anymore. please reply so i know you received this message :-)

I’ve had this URL since like 2012 so no sorry :-)

@Luke5SOS: “I just played gta for an unhealthy amount of hours”

Anonymous asked: did u read that 1d/5sos twitlonger lol??????????

no i barely pay attenton lol link me

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I bite my tongue, but I wanna scream out...

and this 5 months ago before the video came out??? o

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we can tear down this town, in the dark of the night 

i made this 6 months ago???

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just kiss me slowly playlist x

1. jersey - mayday parade // 2. fall for you - secondhand serenade // 3. if these sheets were the states - all time low // 4. kiss me slowly - parachute // 5. say you like me - we the kings // 6. 3000 miles - emblem3 // 7. all my heart - sleeping with sirens // 8. i wouldn’t mind - he is we // 9. die for you - lawson // 10. i can wait forever - simple plan // 11. endlessly - the cab // 12. baby blue eyes - a rocket to the moon // 13. wonderwall - oasis // 14. i’ll be - edwin mccain // 15. if it means a lot to you - a day to remember //